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Talsu Deviņkalnu cheese – Deluxe

Product: Talsu Deviņkalnu cheese – Deluxe


Fat content in cheese on dry weight 50%. Ingredients: pasteurized milk, lactic acid bacteria, ferment, salt, hardener calcium chloride, anatomic dye.


Chopped cheese (vacuum film)
Small ~ 380 g

100g of product contains:

The energy value is 1650 kJ / 398 kcal

fat 32.3 g, including saturated fatty acids 20.3 g

Carbohydrates 0.0 g, including sugars 0.0 g

Proteins 25.4 g

salt 1.6 g

Storage t °: from + 2 ° to + 6 ° C

Realisation period: 45 days